Tuesday, 12 February 2008

DOI - Digital Object Identifier and BURO

Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) are unique and persistent numbers given to digital objects, for example files containing the full text of journal articles published online. They do not give an objects location but can be used to find an object on the Internet using the DOI resolver located at http://dx.doi.org.

You will notice that DOI's are appearing in the records of the databases of major journal publishers, for example ScienceDirect and Emerald Insight. If you publish an article in a scholarly journal it will be assigned a DOI. You can use this to import information into BURO to save on keyboarding.

Login to BURO
Go to Manage Deposits
Go to Import Items
Copy in your DOI using this syntax DOI:10.1108/00220410810844132
BURO will upload basic bibliographic data for you to edit.

Just a couple of other things you should check. The select import format should be set to DOI (via CrossRef), and it is good practice to Test before Importing.


DOI article in Wikipedia
DOI Resolver http://dx.doi.org
DOI Home Page http://doi.org

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