Thursday, 14 February 2008

How can BURO increase the visibility of my research?

BURO can help increase the visibility of your research by increasing the chances of it being ‘discovered’ others. It does this in two ways.

BURO lets staff, students and researchers within the University see your publications. They can also do this for Research Centres and Schools using the Browse button on BURO to click through to lists of publications by School and Research Centre. They can search by author using BURO's Search and Advanced Search functions to identify publications by an individual. Before BURO there was no central repository of publications to allow others to see the University's published research activity.

BURO is an 'institutional repository' based on Eprints software. It allows Bournemouth University to participate in projects which aggregate the content institutional repositories in the UK, Europe and internationally.

These projects increase the visibility of BURO, by allowing end users of repository search engines an opportunity to ‘discover’ BURO's content.

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