Friday, 15 February 2008

Mac Users of EndNote XI - Cite While You Write problem

Office 2008 for Mac was released in January 2008. EndNote (any version) is not compatible with Word 2008 due to changes with its third-party add-in connectivity. Thomson Scientific is actively working on an update to restore Cite While You Write compatibility for EndNote X1. Please stay tuned for more information, or register to be notified when the update is available. The update will be free to all registered EndNote X1 for Mac users. You may register at:

To use EndNote with Word 2008 today, follow the steps below:
- Open your document in Word 2004 or X.
- Select the Cite While You Write option to "Unformat Citations"
- Save the document as a RTF file (do not save as a .doc or docx file)
- Open EndNote and select Tools menu > "Format Paper" ("RTF Document Scan" in version 9 and earlier) to generate a new document with the formatted citations and bibliography. If you no longer have Word 2004/X on your machine, our technical support team is pleased to assist you with unformatting your citations.

Technical Support

Thank you,

The EndNote team

Thomson Scientific


Ruth Day said...

Thanks for this - I was about to update to 2008 but will bide my time. Will you be able to let us know when the problem is sorted?

Matt Holland said...

Yes I will keep a eye on this and post back to the blog

Best Wishes