Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Intute - Repository Search

Intute Repository Search - IRS is a beta version of a UK search engine for institutional repositories. IRS searches 92 repositories or using Advanced Search you can select individual repositories - like BURO - or groups of repositories.

The availability of full text from the results of an IRS search is determined by the host repositories, a percentage of records are without full text access. Useful is the 'Most Popular' keyword tag cloud - although these are currently drawn from searches of Intute's internet resouces database.

IRS allows you to repeat searches in other institutional repository search engines DAREnet (Netherlands), BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (German - with European and international coverage) and OAIster (US - wth international coveage including BURO).


BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine
Intute Repository Search - IRS

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