Tuesday, 18 March 2008

ResearchID.com from ISI Web of Knowledge

ResearcherID.com is available to institutions who have have a subscription to ISI Web of Knowledge (Bournemouth University has a subscription). To use the service you have to register for a unique account. Completing the registration process generates an ID that forms your ResearcherID address http://www.researcherid.com/rid/A-8600-2008 there after you can access your ID by going directly to www.researcherid.com logging in with your e-mail and Password.

  • ResearcherID works with the institutional subscription to ISI Web of Knowledge [WOK] to allow you to search for your publications in WOK and add them to your ResearchID profile. You need to log into WOK first and access your profile from WOK.

  • You can upload references from your own database using an RIS file. References can be exported from software like EndNote in the correct RIS format and then imported into ResearcherID.

  • The ResearchID tool creates Citation Metrics for your publications: number of times cited, average citations per article, and h-index.

Why is a ResearcherID a good idea?

  • ResearchID provides a single address for your profile

  • ResearchID overcomes problems of misdirection - missing citations or including citations written by other researchers with similar or identical names

  • ResearchID creates a single point from which to generate metrics - saving the effort of searching and compiling citation analysis each time they are required.

Are there any problems?

  • ResearcherID does not handle non journal article publications. You can still add them to your profile, but it won't generate metrics even if they have been cited.

Special Note for EndNote Users

To get an RIS format out of EndNote

  • Select RefMan RIS Export output style

  • Export selected references as a .txt file

  • From your ResaercherID site - login via WOK and use the RIS Import utility to uplaod the file.

To get your references from BURO

  • Search for your references in BURO - use author search

  • Export selected references as an EndNote format

  • From EndNote edit your list of references to your own satisfaction and the Export as RIS and Import into ResearcherID.


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Emma said...

This looks very useful. What has been the uptake of ResearchID so far by Bournemouth academics & researchers?

Matt Holland said...

So far only two - but I can see real value in using this to generate citation metrics