Tuesday, 4 March 2008


A fairly arcane topic, however, problems can accelerate without adopting a basic versioning procedures. The Version Identification Framework [VIF] offers the following simple advice to authors on versioining information to include in document:

  • Make sure all versions of your work have the author, title, date last edited on the front page.

  • Keep track of which versions you've made publicly available and where.

  • Use a clear filename - include a version numbering system filename v1.0 date.doc

  • Use a numbering system that denotes major revisions.

  • Fill in any available 'Properties' details or 'ID tags' as much as you can. For example, on a Word document, go to 'File', 'Properties' and fill out the 'Summary' page.

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Version Identification Framework [VIF] - information for authors

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