Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Webometrics Rankings

Webometrics generates rankings based on a quantative analysis of the web. Their methodology is explained on their website. Briefly the measures are:

  1. Size (S) - number of webapages

  2. Visibility (V) - number of external links in also known as inlinks

  3. Rich Files (R) - number of full text files e.g. .pdf's

  4. Scholar (Sc) - number of papers and ciations for each academic domain

The rank is calculated using the following equation,

Webometrics Rank (position)= 4*RankV+2*RankS+1*RankR+1*RankSc

Bournemouth University's World Rank is 1136 and European Rank is 461. The same methodology is applied to institutuional repositories listing the World Top 200 Repositories. The Top UK university in this ranking is the University of Southampton Eprints.


University of Southampton Eprints

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