Friday, 7 March 2008

Who Uses BURO?

Perhaps a pertinent question in view of the number of repositories in the world, and institutional repositories like BURO are a world wide phenomenon. OpenDOAR - a directory of Open Access Repositories has just recorded it 1000th listing. Note some organisations have more than one repository.

OpenDOAR Chart: Proportion of Repository Organisations by Continent - Worldwide

To make an impact in such a crowded space is a challenge. However, we do say to users of BURO that including material on BURO will increase the visibility of research. To track usage BURO is now monitored using Google Analytics. Even in the very short time we have data for, and it is short, only 2 days 05 - 07 March 2008 there is some confirmation of the claim that BURO is good for your research profile.

  • BURO has been accessed by users from 28 countries

  • Internal accesses are highest but people are being referred to BURO from searches on Google, OAIster and Windows Live

  • Visitors spend on average 5 and a half minutes on BURO

  • BURO has had 157 unique visitors 05 - 07 March

Of course this is only indicative and over the next few months we hope to get a picture of who uses BURO and how often. Difficult also to know is how well BURO usage measures up to other institutional repositories.


Stevan Harnad said...


Whenever you mention BURO, link
it: BURO

Emma said...

Good idea Stevan - visibility is very important