Wednesday, 9 April 2008

New Website from Thomson Scientific -

A free website using citation metrics and analysis, based on Thomson Scientific's Essential Science Indicators [EIS]. These group science journal titles into 22 broad subject categories and runs citation analysis over 10 years of citation data and the c 9M articles this represents. ScienceWatch includes topics in Social Sciences and Economics and Business. Without going into too much detail - it is full explained on ScienceWatch - top performing Journals, Institutions and Papers are identified from analysis of their citations. ScienceWatch breaks down into Interviews, Analysis and Data and Rankings. The site includes written interviews and commentaries from scientists and authors of featured papers - and podcasts from leading researchers. Of course of topical interest to scientists, ScienceWatch it is also a glimpse into the power of ciation analysis, especially in the light of growing interset in research evaluation based on citation analysis in the UK.

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