Tuesday, 1 April 2008


OpenID solves the problem of creating multiple identities, one for each time you register for a new service. OpenID's can be created from a number of well known and simple providers.

There is searchable a directory of sites that use OpenID's. It includes well known providers of blogs, social bookmarking and social networking sites. OpenID is not universal but appears to be gaining momentum with Yahoo offering an OpenID service. Google now allows comments on blogger using an OpenID.

OpenID is simple to use and easy to set up. Choose your OpenID provider and create your OpenID. You will be given a web address http://another.myopenid.com which you enter when you register for a new service. Your identity is authenticated through you OpenID provider. You choose to go through with the registration.

You might want more than one OpenID according to the intended purpose. One to bundle personal applications and one to bundle applications for a research project. There is a lot of dicussion about security and privacy - so you might not choose to us OpenID for things that are 'life critical'.


List of OpenID links on del.icio.us

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