Sunday, 27 April 2008

Update on EndNote Web

We have added the Bournemouth University Harvard Style Harvardbu to EndNote Web. This allows you to output references from EndNote Web in well formed Bournemouth University Harvard. To use this output file:

  1. Log into EndNote Web EndNote Web

  2. Click the Format Tab

  3. Using the drop down menus select the references you want to format, choose the
    Harvardbu file as your Bibliographic Style and choose your File Format.

We have also added a Connection File to allow you to search the Bournemouth University Library Catalogue and save records into EndNote Web - this file is called BUTalisv2. To use this Connection File:

  1. Log into EndNote Web EndNote Web

  2. Click the Collect Tab

  3. The first time you connect to the Library Catalogue you must Customise your list of Connection Files. Click on the link and select Customize this list and add the BUTalisv2 file to your My favorites.

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