Thursday, 15 May 2008

ResearcherID - new features

ResearcherID from Thompson Scientific now has a a very helpful introductory page, which includes an Online Tutorial and down loadable Fact sheet. ResearcherID allows you to create a unique personal researcher profile, add in a list of your publications from EndNote or any application that can output an RIS file or import references direct from ISI Web of Knowledge. It also helps you to generate citation metrics. It is a very neat tool which comes as part of the University's subscription to ISI Web of Knowledge.

New features is ResearcherID Labs with two new functions:

  • Collaboration Network - a visual representation of who a researcher (or you if you have a profile) is collaborating with;

  • Citing Articles Network - a visual representation of who has cited articles written by a researcher (or you if you have a profile).

Note: that only items on the researcher's publication list that were added from the Web of Science are used to generate data for the visualisation.

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