Saturday, 28 June 2008

BURO - Getting Started - Hints and Tips Part One

1) Search BURO to see if you already have any records

We having been adding material to BURO centrally from a variety of sources, including legacy databases of publications held by Schools. Unless you are a new member of staff there is a good chance some of your publications will be on BURO already.

2) Check to see any existing information on BURO is accurate

If you want to make changes or upload full text files please contact Matt Holland. You can't edit or change these records because they are 'owned' by the editorial staff who created them. All records you enter you will have full control over.

3) Check your profile

Records on BURO are linked to your Profile using two key fields:

  • your Bournemouth University e-mail address - finds all records attributed to you

  • your Research Centre or School if you do not belong to a Research Centre - finds all records attributed to your Research Centre.

It is important these are accurate. You may find these have already been entered. There is a brief tutorial here on how to check.

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