Thursday, 12 June 2008

Citebase - an alternative citation analysis

Citebase is an experimental alternative citation/impact analysis using Open Access sources based at the University of Southampton. The website carries a number of warnings to the effect that users "are cautioned not to use it [Citebase] for academic evaluation yet. Citation coverage and analysis is incomplete and hit coverage and analysis is both incomplete and noisy."

One of the intersting things about Citebase is that it gives some practical examples - accepting their warnings - of what alternative citation and impact analysis might look like.

  • Total number of citations/downloads per paper

  • Author Impact = Author impact is the total number of citations/donwloads identified by Citebase to papers that the author is named on, divided by the number of papers that same author is named on.

  • Ciation Anlaysis - Cited by, co-cited with and cites to similar articles

  • Download Anlaysis - by country, date and organisation

It's probably a good idea to start by reading this page.

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