Friday, 6 June 2008

CiteSeerX Alpha

CiteSeerX Alpha was launched in March 2008, a development of CiteSeer, the digital library and search engine for computer and information science. Similar in principle to the ISI Science Citation Index [SCI], CiteSeerX Alpha allows you to see how many times an article has been cited. Of course there are differences:

  • Subject coverage is limited to computer and information science - so its not a substitute for the SCI

  • It's free and no login required, but you do have to register to use MyCiteSeer

  • CiteSeerX Alpha uses autonomous citation indexing to mine the web to create citation indexes - the developers argue that its more upto date, more comprehensive and easier to use.

Apart from the ability to search 810K documents and over 14 million citations, CiteSeerX Alpha offers a number of functions:

  • MetaCart - a shopping cart for metadata

  • MySiteSeer - create your own collections and add your own tags

CiteSeerX Alpha also gives you:

  • The Number of times an article has been cited

  • The Number of times articles in the bibliography have been cited - with a click through

  • Active Bibliography (Documents that cite a similar set of documents)

  • Co-Citation (Documents cited by a similar set of documents)

Note: as this is still an alpha version you will come across pages that say "To do".


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