Sunday, 15 June 2008

Distribution of items on BURO across Bournemouth University

These figures just give a snapshot of the position of BURO in June 2008. They reflect almost entirely the availability of pre-existing databases and accessible sources of publication data and so should be treated with care.

  1. School of Health and Social Care 1199 items

  2. The Media School 463 items

  3. University Executive Group 414 items

  4. School of Services Management 232 items

  5. Academic Services 149 items

  6. The Business School 149 items

  7. School of Design, Engineering and Computing 142 items

  8. School of Conservation Science 128 items

Colleagues who want to add their own publications to BURO can use the guides on the BURO splash page or for more help contact Matt Holland.

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