Thursday, 19 June 2008

Journal Citation Reports - 2007 edition released

The new edition of Thompson Reuters (ISI) Journal Citation Reports (JCR) was released on 17 June 2008. JCR publishes journal Impact Factor's (IFs) in two databases the Science Edition - 5,900 journals, and the Social Science Edition - 1,700 journals.

You can access JCR here. You will have to go through the following routine to get to JCR:

  1. Enter your ATHENS Account

  2. From the ISI Web of Knowledge home page - choose Select a Database tab

  3. Click through to the Journal Citation Reports

You can read more about JCR here with links to their online training video (rather clunky PowerPoint with some out of date screen shots - but non the less informative) and the JCR FAQ.


See also post on Impact Factors.

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