Friday, 8 August 2008

EndNote Web

What is EndNote Web?

EndNote Web is a free product available to Bournemouth University staff and students as part of our subscription to Thompson Reuters ISI Web of Knowledge.

EndNote Web is a service designed to help students and researchers through the process of writing a research paper. Use EndNote Web to organise references for citing in papers, as a companion to the full desktop version of EndNote, and to store references between ISI Web of Knowledge search sessions.

EndNote Web has fewer features than the full desktop version of EndNote, but allows you to transfer references between the two versions and to share references with other researchers.

How do I get an EndNote Web Account?

To create an EndNote Web account you first need to have an ATHENS Personal Account. Click on Sign-up for an Account and complete the registration form. Register for EndNote Web by going to ISI Web of Knowledge and clicking on the EndNote Web Link or going direct to Depending on whether you are on or off campus, you may be asked to enter your ATHENS Personal Account.

Once you have registered you can access EndNote Web directly or via the Web of Knowledge. You may be asked for your ATHENS Personal Account.

Why would I use EndNote Web?

Use EndNote Web when you cannot access a university computer. Please note that the Bournemouth University Site Licence for the full desktop version of EndNote software does not entitle you to a free copy for your personal laptop or desktop computer.

Organise EndNote Web references into Groups for easier management and share EndNote Groups over the web with other EndNote Web users.

Use the Cite While You Write Plug-in to insert references, and format citations and bibliographies automatically while you write your papers in Microsoft Word. The plug-in also allows you to save online references to your library in Internet Explorer. EndNote Web also offers a plug-in to install a toolbar for Firefox. Please note that you will not be able to load the Plug-in if you do not have Administrative access to your computer.

EndNote Web does allow Importing, Exporting and Formating references - including the Bournemouth University Harvard Style, and Remote Searching of catalogues and some databases.

EndNote Web works with ISI Web of Knowledge [WOK] to allow you to Export references directly to EndNote Web and link back directly to individual records in WOK.

Are there any disadvantages?

EndNote Web can be slow to use compared to the desktop version, search facilities are limited and to be effective its important to synchronise databases in both versions to have access to your references at all times. For more information and help contact Matt Holland or Emma Crowley.


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