Friday, 8 August 2008

Thompson Reuters publish White Paper on Using Bibliometrics

The White Paper Using Bibliometrics: a Guide to Evaluating Research Performance with Citation Data is published by Thompson Reuters. To receive a copy you have to register on their website and it is sent to you by e-mail as a .pdf

It's a marketing exercise to promote Thomson Reuters products, but that accepted, presents a clear, well structured and short - 12 pages - guide to bibliometrics. The White Paper covers why we might want to evaluate research, who are the key stakeholders, types of data and a description of each measure. For those familiar with the field this is nothing new. For those who aren't this is a quick introduction.

The paper concludes with a short discussion on the misuse of Journal Impact Factors JIF's - produced by Thompson Reuters Journal Citation Reports - principly their use as "a surrogate for a more carefully derived direct measure of citation impact".

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