Saturday, 27 September 2008

Social networking for researchers

Social networking software designed for researchers bundles together Web 2.0 functionality to provide directory services, resource sharing, support for group working and self archiving. It's hard to define this type of software as a category because of the diversity of the offerings. Some like ResearchGATE offer a full service, some are free to register others like MyNetResaerch charge after a free trial. A few have the backing of larger publishing concerns like ResearchID (Thomson/Reuters) and Nature Network (Nature Publishing Group).'s graphical interface is its unique selling point and quite fun to use - although as the structure of the institution is created by contributors it can be a little misleading. Most resources appeal to scientists many explicitly, like Labmeeting and ResearchGATE, others by default seem to be mostly used by scientists. If ResearchID and, which are essentially powerful list/publication management tools, are included then perhaps we should include 2collab (Elsevier) in the list. A recent survey received by this blogger suggests that 2collab is looking to move into this area.


List of social networking sites for research

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