Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Using SCOPUS with 2collab

2collab is the social bookmarking tool developed by Elsevier who also publish SCOPUS. Elsevier have created a unique way of allowing you to import references to your papers from SCOPUS to 2collab using the SCOPUS Author ID.

  • To find you Author ID login to SCOPUS (you will need an ATHENS Personal Account if you are off-campus) and search for your name using the Author search. Click on the Details link to the Author profile, which gives you the Author ID e.g. 7201661511.

  • If you have already registered with 2collab, Edit your Profile and add your Author ID. If you are about to register include your Author ID in the profile you create.

  • When you create or edit your 2collab Profile you get the option to import references from SCOPUS. Thereafter the option is availble from the Import Bookmarks menu.

Apart from being a simple way to import your refereneces - you can click from your 2collab bookmarks straight back to SCOPUS for full bibliographic details and access to full text. It also makes it easy to share your references with colleagues using the 2collab group functions.

About 2collab

2collab works by being a social bookmarking site where you can store and organize your favorite internet resources - such as research articles from any publisher, blogs, websites, and more. Then, in private or public groups you can share your bookmarks with others - your colleagues, distributed research team, or the wider pool of experts in your field. Members of groups can evaluate these resources (by adding ratings and comments) and add their own bookmarks.

Note: Bournemouth University now subscribes to SCOPUS.

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