Monday, 13 October 2008

BURO Update

BURO and the Research Excellence Framework [REF]

The data collected for the submission to the pilot project of the Research Excellence Framework [REF] is currently being added to BURO. The REF pilot project is also looking at using institutional repositories like BURO as a data collection tool for the real version of the REF.

To facilitate this aspect of the pilot project over the next few months Schools will be collating as much information as possible on publications from 2001 and feed these into the BURO data entry exercise.

Research Centres and BURO

BURO came into being just before the creation of the new University Research Centres. This means there is a legacy of records created before the Research Centres were finalised that are not attached to the relevant Centre. The Library is currently working through School by School to make sure that Research Centres are correctly credited with publications by their members. You can see the results of this by looking at the Browse Group page on BURO.

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