Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Scopus uses Scirus as a bolt on web search

SCOPUS has a built in web search using another Elsevier product, Scirus, a web search tool specialising in scientific information only. Any search done in SCOPUS is replicated on Scirus and can be accessed from the Web tab on the SCOPUS results search screen. Scirus sources its results from repositories including, institutional repositories*. This very clever tool allows you to refine your web search by keyword and source repository as well as use the SCOPUS reference management options (print, e-mail, download). Brief presentation can only be viewed using Firefox or IE 6.0 and below.

Scirus can also be accessed direct. *We have requested BURO be added as a source.


Go Direct to Scopus. Requires an ATHENS Personal Account off campus.
Go direct to Scirus
Do the Google - Scirus Comparison Test
Previous post on a competitor product (Scientific WebPlus) from Web of Knowledge.

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RT@MatAbraz: New useful search engine that returns full text scientific articles not subject to access fees http://www.freefullpdf.com