Friday, 19 December 2008

ticTOCs - New Table of Contents service

ticTOCs is a new Table of Contents service that aggregates data from journal publishers RSS feeds, currently over 11,000 titles from 400 plus publishers. It's free to register and use. If you are not familiar with RSS you can just use the ticTOCs interface to manage your subscriptions to individual titles. Search for the titles you want to monitor and add them to your personal list. Just login to check for updates.

If you use an RSS reader, for example Google Reader or Bloglines, you can add titles to your reader account using the ticTOCs service. ticTOCs can also export groups of titles to an RSS reader using an OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file.

Added functionality is promised in later upgrades, for example the ability to export records to EndNote. Currently the only bibliographic software supported is RefWorks.

ticTOCs provides a useful alternative to ZETOC (although not as comprehensive) or you can use it to search for RSS feeds to your favourite journals and add them to an existing RSS reader.

ticTOCs is funded under the JISC Users and Innovations programme and developed by a consortium lead by Liverpool University.


ticTOCs home page
ticTOCs blog
ticTOCs Project Home Page

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zomba said...

Thank you for mentioning ticTOCs. I hope your researchers find it useful.

Roddy MacLeod
ticTOCs Management Support