Friday, 11 April 2008

ProQuest Dissertations and Theses [PQDT]

The Library now subscribes to ProQuest Dissertations and Theses [PQDT]. PQDT provides access to 2.4 million records for dissertations and theses from North America and Worldwide. To give an idea of the scope of PQDT ...

  • 98% of PhD awarding institutions in the USA submit to PQDT

  • Most masters theses submitted to institutions within the USA from the 1940's

  • Institutions outisde the USA submit on an elective basis. There are 34792 dissertations and theses from British universities

  • Coverage is from 1861 -

  • All Records from 1981 have an abstract

  • Bournemouth University does not have a 'full text' subscription, however, 24 page previews are included

  • PQDT has an excellent Advanced Search plus the ability to Browse by Subject and Location (region and country of origin).

PQDT is ATHENS authenticated


Product Information and training material
Find dissertations and theses from famous Americans - Condoleeza Rice's PhD

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

New Website from Thomson Scientific -

A free website using citation metrics and analysis, based on Thomson Scientific's Essential Science Indicators [EIS]. These group science journal titles into 22 broad subject categories and runs citation analysis over 10 years of citation data and the c 9M articles this represents. ScienceWatch includes topics in Social Sciences and Economics and Business. Without going into too much detail - it is full explained on ScienceWatch - top performing Journals, Institutions and Papers are identified from analysis of their citations. ScienceWatch breaks down into Interviews, Analysis and Data and Rankings. The site includes written interviews and commentaries from scientists and authors of featured papers - and podcasts from leading researchers. Of course of topical interest to scientists, ScienceWatch it is also a glimpse into the power of ciation analysis, especially in the light of growing interset in research evaluation based on citation analysis in the UK.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

New Journal Titles with Bournemouth University Connection

War, Media and Conflict co-edited by Professor Barry Richards. Stephen Jukes Dean of The Media School is a member of the Editorial Board. Published by Sage - the full text of the first issue is currently available free. A continuing subscription will be available through Bournemouth University's subsciption to Sage Journals Online.

The Soundtrack is published by Intellect and co-edited by Professor Stephen Deutsch. Professor Sean Street is a member of the Editorial Board. Link to Bournemouth University's subscription here..

Inter Library Loans [ILL] and Secure Electronic Delivery [SED]

Documents on the Library website with information about Secure Electronic Delivery [SED] have just been updated.

Following enquiries made to Inter Library Loans Staff from academic and research colleagues it might be useful to recap on the procedure:

  • Staff/Research Staff do not automatically receive articles/papers electronically. Before adding your name to the list of SED users you are required to confirm successful download of the British Library test document. This is included in the introductory e-mail which you receive if you request SED, along with three help sheets – SED Setting Up, SED FAQ and Instructions for Receiving and Managing SEDs.

  • The electronic copies once received and printed cannot be stored. The electronic copy is available on the British Library secure server for a period of 14 days, after which the file will be deleted.

New Forums for EndNote and EndNoteWeb

Thomson ResearchSoft has created new web-based forum format to support EndNote and EndNote Web

This new format allows for many great features, such as:

* Categorized & fully searchable posts to help you find what you need more quickly

* Easily accessible forum archives

* Ability to post clickable links

* Image posting for screen shots & other troubleshooting purposes

* Private messaging for "off-line" discussion

...and more! As before, Thomson Scientific Technical Support will be monitoring posts for spam and abuse. They will also be offering suggestions and solutions where appropriate.

Feel free to begin creating your accounts and logging on one of the following two forums: