Thursday, 12 June 2008

Basic introduction to BURO

This presentation forms part of a workshop run with colleagues in the School of Health and Social Care. Its a basic introduction which sets the context for BURO and Institutional Repositories.

If you want to ask questions or arrange a training session for your School please contact Matt Holland.

Citebase - an alternative citation analysis

Citebase is an experimental alternative citation/impact analysis using Open Access sources based at the University of Southampton. The website carries a number of warnings to the effect that users "are cautioned not to use it [Citebase] for academic evaluation yet. Citation coverage and analysis is incomplete and hit coverage and analysis is both incomplete and noisy."

One of the intersting things about Citebase is that it gives some practical examples - accepting their warnings - of what alternative citation and impact analysis might look like.

  • Total number of citations/downloads per paper

  • Author Impact = Author impact is the total number of citations/donwloads identified by Citebase to papers that the author is named on, divided by the number of papers that same author is named on.

  • Ciation Anlaysis - Cited by, co-cited with and cites to similar articles

  • Download Anlaysis - by country, date and organisation

It's probably a good idea to start by reading this page.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Bournemouth University Professor contributes to the International Encyclopedia of Communication [IEC]

Stuart Allan, Professor of Journalism in The Media School, Bournemouth University has contributed two articles to the new International Encyclopedia of Communication on the topics of Media History and Coffee Houses as Public Sphere.

The International Encyclopedia of Communication [IEC] is produced as a partnership with the International Communication Association [ICA] and Blackwells and edited by Wolfgang Donsbach. The IEC is a milestones in the literature, setting out a definitive statement of scholarship in the study of communication, signalling that the subject has a chieved a critical mass of scholarship and research. Bournemouth University has an electonic subsription - access here, or via the Databases A-Z.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

To share or not to share: Publishing Research

New report looking at the publication and long term availability of research results from the Research Information Network [RIN]. The report, commissioned by JISC and NERC, looks at current practice with interviews from over 100 researchers, across eight subject and cross-disciplinary areas and makes recommendations for policy makers in four areas.

  • Creating and caring for data

  • Publishing data: motivations and constraints

  • Discovery, access and usability of datasets

  • Quality assurance

There is an excellent short summary here, with links to a .pdf down load of the Executive Summary, Full Report and Appendicies.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

EndNote - a quick reminder

Following the Graduate School Student Representative Meeting here is a quick reminder about EndNote and the Bournemouth University Harvard Referencing Style.

We have created two files for EndNote that will help you.

  • The harvardbu output style which will output well formed references in the BU Harvard Style and can be downloaded from here.

  • The BUTalis connection file that allows you to search the BU Library Catalogue using EndNote and save records from the Library Catalogue into your EndNote Library. You can download this from here.

Please make sure that you have the most recent versions of these files. If you are unsure download the files anyway and overwrite or delete the file you currently have working with your EndNote programme.