Saturday, 2 August 2008

Scopus Journal Analyzer

Scopus have launched a competitor product to the Thompson Reuters Journal Citation Reports (JCI) - the Scopus Journal Analyzer (SJA). The SJA tool has three measures which are presented either as a graph or as data:

  1. Total Citations - displays the total number of citations the selected journals receive over the course of each year;

  2. Articles Published - shows the number of articles published by each journal over time;

  3. Trend Line - provides the number of citations received in that year, regardless of the publication date of the cited document, divided by the total number of documents published in that year . This parallels the Thompson Reuters/ISI Impact Factor measure.

Examples can be seen in the links below. Note that Bournemouth University does not currently subscribe to Scopus.


Article using examples generated by Scopus Journal Analyzer in Research Trends

Press release for the Scopus Journal Analyzer

Promotional web page for the Scopus Journal Analyzer with links to an online tutorial.

Magazine article from Information Today comparing Journals Citation Index (JCI) and Scopus Journal Analyzer (SJA)