Saturday, 20 September 2008

Journal Rankings - what are they good for?

Journal Rankings may not be a good indicator of the quality of individual contributions. This is the conclusion of Professor Ray Paul, RAE Panel member for Business and Management Studies and Library and Information Management, in a forthcoming article for the European Journal of Information Systems (Paul 2008).

One major conclusion appears to be that journal rankings are not a good indicator of the quality of any paper published in that journal, nor necessarily of the combined quality of all the papers.

Professor Paul, makes the point that Universities who selected outputs for the RAE on the basis of Journal Rankings may be surprised by the outcomes of the RAE 2008 peer review process.


Extract from forthcoming article by Professor Ray Paul.

Times Higher Education Supplement article .


Corbyn, Z., 2008. RAE table will be shaken by use of journal rankings. Times Higher Education Supplement, 11 September. Available from: [Accessed 20 September 2008].

Paul, R., 2008. Measuring research quality: The United Kingdom Government’s Research Assessment Exercise. European Journal of Information Systems, 17 (4), 1-6. Available from: [Accessed 20 September 2008].

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Top 25 downloaded articles from ScienceDirect

Which are the most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect?

ScienceDirect have come up with a clever feature that ranks the Top 25 articles downloaded in the previous month. You can refine the Top 25 by subject and individual journal titles within each subject area.

The tool is open for all to use but you can register for up to 10 monthly e-mail updates. It has a number of useful tools. The Blog this feature generates html code that you can embed in your own blog entries viz ...

Example of embedded link

The h-index: Advantages, limitations and its relation with other bibliometric indicators at the micro level
Journal of Informetrics, Volume 1, Issue 3, 1 July 2007, Pages 193-203
Costas, R.; Bordons, M.

with a link to the entry in ScienceDirect. Top 25 also allows exporting Direct to 2collab. Bournemouth University subscribes to ScienceDirect. Login with your ATHENS Personal Account to see the full text.

Articles in Press (AIP) on SCOPUS

With the SCOPUS Articles-in-Press (AiP) facility you can identify articles accepted for publication in over 3000 journals from Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers, Nature Publishing Group (NPG), Elsevier and Springer. IEEE and BioMed Central are to be added in the Autumn. AiP publishes abstracts of papers upto four months ahead of full publication.

You can use this function from the normal Search in SCOPUS. However, select Articles in Press from the Document Type pull down menu to search for AiP's only.


Press Release for new In Press feature.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

SCOPUS Affiliation Details - for Bournemouth University

SCOPUS profiles each organisation using an authors affiliation, the organisation authors work for at the time of publication. The profile gives the number of articles for each organization by subject, journal title and collaborating institution. Clearly there is room for ambiguity and error, however, SCOPUS have developed the SCOPUS Affiliation Identifier which distinguishes between affiliations that have similar names by assigning each affiliation in SCOPUS a unique number and grouping together all of the documents affiliated with an organization.

The Affiliation Details for Bournemouth University?

The best way to view this data is to search for Bournemouth University using the Affiliation search on SCOPUS (requires an ATHENS Personal Account for off campus access). Highlights are included below.

Total Number of Articles on SCOPUS ranked by Subject

No. of Articles / Subject

237 Engineering
232 Medicine
202 Nursing
196 Social Sciences
194 Computer Science
115 Business, Management and Accounting
101 Environmental Science
91 Materials Science
82 Agricultural and Biological Sciences
49 Earth and Planetary Sciences
48 Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
48 Mathematics
37 Psychology
29 Physics and Astronomy
23 Arts and Humanities
16 Health Professions
13 Economics, Econometrics and Finance
12 Neuroscience
11 Chemical Engineering
11 Decision Sciences
8 Chemistry
8 Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics
6 Immunology and Microbiology
3 Dentistry
3 Multidisciplinary
2 Energy

Total Number of Articles on SCOPUS ranked by Journal Title

No. of Articles / Journal Title

46 Practising Midwife
21 Journal of Clinical Nursing
21 Lecture Notes in Computer Science Including Subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics
18 Nursing Standard Royal College of Nursing Great Britain 1987
16 IEE Colloquium Digest
15 Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
14 Nurse Education Today
14 Wear
13 Service Industries Journal
13 Intensive and Critical Care Nursing
12 Nursing Times
12 Journal of Advanced Nursing
11 Materials Science and Technology
10 Tourism Management
10 Midwifery
10 British Journal of Nursing Mark Allen Publishing
10 Information and Software Technology

You can do this for any organisation and use the data for comparative purposes. Note that SCOPUS does not include ALL journals, so like any database of this type is only indicative of performance rather than definitive.