Thursday, 25 December 2008

Seasons Greetings to all readers

... more posts in the New Year.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

New features on SCOPUS

SCOPUS has a new feature that allows you to display the results from a Saved Search on your own website/blog, in the jargon an HTML feed. This clever tool helps you to keep up to date with recent publications on a specific topic, by an author, group of authors or publications from an institution. Displaying the results on your blog or website means that you can share results easily with colleagues or promote publication activity. Each record has a link directly back to SCOPUS to display full information.

The Tool does have some Advanced Features but just using the basic output - without changing any of the settings - produces a very usable output.

The service is available from There is a simple demo that takes you through step by step and a printable .pdf guide. The product information page has more information with links to examples of the Tool in action from around the world.

Bournemouth University has a subscription to SCOPUS, but you have to register individually (email address and create a password) with SCOPUS Tools to be able to set up a feed. If you access SCOPUS from outside the University you will be asked for your ATHENS account.

This feature - diplayed on this blog - shows the most recent 10 articles/conference papers added to SCOPUS from academics working at Bournemouth University.