Thursday, 1 January 2009

Did I write this? Author misidentification

Author misidentification has always been a problem for large databases like SCOPUS and Thomson Reuters Web of Science [WOS]. Unless you have a unique surname any search for your own output, or anyone else's, using Author Name is going to find articles written by authors with the same or similar name. There are over 100 "Holland M's" identified in WOS for example.

This might just be an irritating side issue but it will become more important for the next version of the RAE, the Research Excellence Framework [REF] which will be based on citation data sourced from either SCOPUS or WOS, where accurate identification of authors is critical to the integrity of the exercise.

It may not be a coincidence that both SCOPUS and Thomson Reuters have brought out tools for users this year that are seeking to address this problem.

ResearchID (Thomson Reuters) which creates a unique number for those who register, and allows you to create a list of your publications sourced direct from Web of Science.

SCOPUS Author Preview which allows you to search for your own papers, provide Feedback to SCOPUS where papers have been misidentified, and use RSS to create your own publications list.


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