Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Publishing Opportunities Database trial

Publishing Opportunities Database provides an extensive listing of opportunities from three distinct sources, for researchers interested in presenting and publishing their research papers: Journal Call for Papers records index, Conference Call for Papers, and Special Issue Call for Papers.

Publishing Opportunities Database is a potential alternative to PapersInvited. The trial expires at the end of May. We welcome your feedback.

>>Go to Publishing Opportunities Database

Please note this trial has been extended until the end of June


Emma Crowley said...

I investigated this resource as part of a staff development workshop on academic publishing. It is potentially very useful, with information on conferences, journals and special issues, however, it was noted that expired opportunities were included. It would be helpful to know how often the database is updated and how frequently and when epired opportunites are removed.

Chris Spencer said...

The database is updated twice a month. This includes adding new and removing expired content within the database. The update is provided by the Talsk Research Inc.

Emma Crowley said...

Thanks, very helpful.