Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Electronic versions of theses and EThOS

We have had a number of questions about electronic access to theses recently, this summarises some of the issues.


Bournemouth University is participating in the EThOS programme at the Open Access Sponsor level.

EThOS is currently operating in a beta test phase and has not been officially launched to the community. Whilst the aim of the service is to allow individuals to find, access and archive e-theses produced in UK Higher Education Institutions, at this stage it is not a mechanism for the systematic digitization of all UK doctoral theses.

As an Open Access Sponsor, Bournemouth University is committed to supply to British Library on demand paper copies of Bournemouth University doctoral theses and pay for the digitization. Initially the selection mechanism for which theses are digitized is based purely on demand from British Library users. However, there may be an opportunity as the project progresses in 2009 and 2010 for the University to select specific theses for digitization. As such there is currently no mechanism for automatically adding a digital copy of your thesis.

Electronic Submission of Theses

The University does not require electronic submission of theses. The question has been raised, but as you might expect, a significant change like this has to go through the appropriate University Committee structure for scrutiny before regulations on submission can be changed. Were this change to happen it is likely theses will be made available via BURO.